Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru "Les Sentiers" 2009, Anne et Hervè Sigaut

Anne & Hervé Sigaut

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"The use of new barrels is around 30 per cent and the resultant wines are Chambolle exemplars: there's fragrance and finesse, grace and charm. Les Sentiers is more richly endowed and sees 50 per cent new oak. It's the fullest of the Sigaut wines, perhaps reflecting its proximity to next-door Morey-Saint-Denis, but it is not hearty, it is vrai Chambolle."

– from Côte-d’Or: The wines and winemakers of the heart of Burgundy, Raymond Blake

Chambolle-Musigny embodies the delicacy of the Côte de Nuits' finest red wines. Anne and Hervé Sigaut, in charge of an early 19th century family wine estate, produce some of the most outstanding terroirs of the appellation. Their wines have been unanimously acclaimed for their brightness and purity.

In Chambolle, the Pinot Noir varietal is at its most refined here: blackberry and violet aromas and a feeling of smooth satin on the palate. The 150+ hectares Domaine Anne and Hervé Sigaut is located in the land of Burgundy's finest red wines, on a narrow strip of vineyards extending from north to south.

Anne et Hervé Sigaut move in sync with their times, without giving in to the sirens' call of so-called modernity that would keep them away from daily interaction with their land, their vineyards and their grapes. You will not find any frivolous equipment in their cellar. To them, the human hand remains the best tool to achieve meticulous, delicate and traditional work.

Winemaker notes: 

Vintage: This generous vintage provides immediate pleasure. The weather in Burgundy that year was exceptionally good; the kind you only get once a decade. From the first tastings, the 2009 vintage was praised and it has rarely let down wine-lovers. You cannot go wrong with healthy and perfectly ripen grapes. Good weather in August played an important part in this success. Spectacular wines were bottled that year; delightful and delectable wines with remarkable complexity. One could argue that their low level of acidity prevents them from aging beautifully, but the 2009 vintage wines have proved to be just as lively on the long run. Especially the red wines of the Côte de Nuits.

Tasting: 1947 is a key date in the world of wine. This does not refer to a vintage but to the year the vines were planted. The oldest plot of the winery is also the cuvée of its spearhead. It is the most consistent one of the cellar. To put it simply, the wine is always good. Its color is vibrant, just like its nose: complex notes of black cherry, blackcurrant with a hint of pepper. Ample on the palate, with strong retro-olfaction. A strong Chambolle. To pair with capon.

Terroir: In the northern part of the appellation, below the grand cru Bonnes-Mares, the soil is composed of a lot of clay. In this terroir, you can find plenty of limestone from various geological eras. This explains the diversity of the soil and subsoil. The Côte de Nuits in miniature...

Area: 67 acres
Average age of vines: 70 years old