Masía el Altet "Premium" Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (Blue capsule)

Masía el Altet

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Fresh, elegant, and balanced

Masia el Altet "Premium" Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 
is composed of 30% Royal Changlot, 30% Picual, and 40% local varieties Genovesa, Blanqueta, and Alfafarenca.

Tasting Notes: A long, fruity bouquet with aromas of fresh-cut grass, artichoke leaves, rounded off with touches of apple, citrus, bananas, and figs. In the mouth, this oil is sweet but lighter than the other oils, with pronounced notes of fresh-cut grass, fresh-cut alfafa, wheat, green green banana, tomato, and thyme, with a slightly spicy finish.

Pairing suggestions: Light fish, meat, cheese, pasta, and vegetable dishes or salads; or serve simply with fresh baguette.

Volume: 500ml

Harvest and Extraction: The harvest takes place immediately after the olive reaches the correct degree of ripeness, when the juice of the olive reaches its optimum aroma and flavor. Harvesting olives at this stage results in lower yields, but produces oils with greater complexity and higher polyphenols, vitamin E, and other natural antioxidants. This stage is followed immediately by processing at the oil mill less than 24 hours after the olives have been collected. The oil is extracted using a two-phase system. Low-temperature extraction again results in lower yields –– net oil production is less than 12% –– but allows the oil to retain its aroma, flavors, and nutrients. The oil is stored in stainless steel tanks in a climate-controlled space.

About the producer: Masía el Altet is nestled between two major nature reserves in the heart of the Alicante mountains, at a height of 780 - 820 meters above sea level. Located 25 kilometers from the Mediterranean sea, the farm benefits from a special Continental-Mediterranean microclimate of cold, snowy winters and mild summers. The temperature swings from day to night and from season to season put enormous stress on the olives, which ultimately results in more aromatic and flavorful olive oils. The neighboring nature reserve Sierra de Mariola boasts one of the highest concentrations of aromatic and medicinal plants in Europe – more than 1200 species that impart their aromas to the olives.

2019/2020 harvest.