Erwin Sabathi Gelber Muskateller Krepskogel

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Country: Austria
Southern Styria
Grape: Yellow Muscat (Gelber Muskateller)

The Single Vineyard Krepskogel is a sub-vineyard on the southernmost post of Pössnitzberg. Due to an inclination of 55%, this extremely steep and rocky vineyard site needs to be cultivated almost by hand. This single-vineyard wine, classified as “Erste STK Ried” (Premier Cru STK), is typical for the region. This wine demonstrates the strong and natural expression of its origin and has a high ageing potential. The harvest yield is limited to a maximum of 45 hectolitres. Premier Cru STK wines are allowed to be offered for sale at the earliest on 1st of September after 11 months of maturation.
Climate: Warm winds coming up from Slovenian valleys meet cool air streams from the Koralpe Mountains in the west. These extreme temperature differences cause a spicy and multi-faceted aroma spectrum.

Soil: Pössnitzberg is located on the southern part of the "West Styrian Bay" of the Styrian Basin. In former times (in the Neogene), several 1000 meter thick marine sediments have been deposited there. These deposits, also called "Steirischer Schlier", are clayey up to fine sandy, gray-green coloured marls including plant fossils and sandstone interstratifications. These scarce and very chalky soils, called “Opok” (chalky marl), are characterised by a humous topsoil formed by weathering, which often does not exceed a height of 20 centimeters, and firm sedimentary rocks.